Marketing trends: Staying one step ahead

Marketing trends: Staying one step ahead

Laughed off and brushed off

Long before content marketing through emails became a ‘thing’, I remember it was something I suggested to my very first employers. Sadly, the idea of sending useful and relevant e-newsletters was laughed off and brushed off. I was told instead, to keep doing what I was doing – sending mail-based sales pamphlets day-in day-out to unqualified leads.

Fast-forward 17 years later, the ‘content-based’ email marketing scene is heavily saturated after becoming one of the most popular ways to engage customers in the naughts. Sometimes ‘I told you so’ comes to mind, but then again, I think everyone involved was acting to the best of their knowledge and experience at the time, and I respect that.

Believe in yourself until someone else will

Years after this incident, as I secured a role in a private company as their lead marketer, I remember the moment when the forward-thinking business owner said, ‘I hired you because you are the expert at what you do. I’m happy for you to make that decision’. Wow… what a difference. Needless to say, this was where I experienced the most growth as a marketer. Sure not every marketing effort was a bullseye, but learning from the results is a crucial part of a marketer’s role and that can’t be done without some level of experimentation or as we like to call it AB testing.

Keep your eye on the future

I still maintain that content is king, especially dynamic content, automatically personalised to the preferences of a prospective customer (hopefully tracked in your databased), but we are definitely at crossroads in terms of whether emails are still effective. Things are now skewed towards social media, where people ‘follow’ updates for content that interests them.

What is the next big breakthrough in the marketing world?

Point is, we need not to just follow trends, but identify them early on and pioneer the way forward. What do you think is next?