5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Posts More Memorable

5 Ways To Make Your Social Media Posts More Memorable


Are you using trial and error to gauge whether the posts on your social sites are working? Are you sure your readers aren’t losing interest?

Here are 5 keys to making your social media posts more memorable:

  • Simplicity – Include only the most essential information you are trying to convey. Become a master at exclusion.
  • Unexpectedness – Engage your audience by presenting the information in a striking way.
  • Credibility – Back up your claims with statistics and legitimate sources.
  • Emotions – Where possible try to make a personal connection with the reader by appealing to their experiences and their emotions.
  • Stories – Use stories to illustrate a statement. Show rather than tell. Readers are more likely to remember and relate to stories.
How To Check If Your Social Media Marketing is Working

If you apply these 5 tips to make your social media posts more memorable, you probably need to measure to see if your strategy is actually working.

Whether you refer to the number of Instagram or Facebook likes, retweets on Twitter, or comments on your blog to measure results, you may like to know that it is possible to track social media results and that it can be done strategically.

Are you measuring results strategically? If not, talk to a member of the GMM team today and our marketing experts can set you up with a solution to help you properly analyse your social media efforts.

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