4 Steps To Make Content Creation Manageable

4 Steps To Make Content Creation Manageable


Consider the impact content marketing can have on your business

For close over a decade now, there has been a growing importance and awareness around creating ‘content’ and providing free knowledge related to your expertise to potential customers in order to start them on the journey to convert into a paying customer.

Marketing is less about ‘pushing’ the features and functionality of your products and services these days, and more about becoming the top of mind or ‘master brand’ in the eyes of a prospective customer by consistently providing value to the prospect through ‘free’ content, so that when they need a solution related to your expertise, they think of you.

Do you want to create content, but have no time?

You may be one of those people who already understands the importance of content creation and content marketing, but struggles to have time to consistently produce things like:

  • articles
  • blog posts
  • podcasts
  • infographics
  • 3rd party/analyst reports
  • whitepapers
  • case studies
  • ebooks

Does this sound like you?

Putting a simple strategy in place can have you on the path of creating meaningful content for your target market consistently. How you ask? It’s quite simple.

4 steps to follow to consistently create content for marketing:

  1. Work out what method of creating content you are best at, and get most value out of. In my case the answer is writing articles and blogging.
  2. Do some research around how often to create this type of content to stay on top of the minds of your target audience. For blogging it can often be once a week at minimum.
  3. Make a commitment to create time in my schedule to plan, research, write and publish one article a week, then upload it to your website and other channels such as LinkedIn to reach your audience.
  4. Starting now, keep yourself accountable to your commitment. Don’t necessarily publish on the same day each week or same time as you may want to test the popularity and views you get for articles depending on when you post, but make sure that you don’t let a week pass without posting an article.

The outcome can be brilliant!

The outcome of this strategy could be, that by the end of a year you could have at least 52 new pieces of content that you will have published, keeping your knowledge and expertise and advice as the go-to professional for your area of expertise at the forefront of people’s minds.

The strategy requires commitment and patience to become fruitful (actually converting readers into paying customers), but it does help to improve your Google rankings, as well as your visibility on the Internet.

So if you too, want to master the art of creating content consistently and making the process manageable, follow these four steps, and you too will soon have a bank of content to impress and woo your prospective customers. Remember also that once this content is created, it can be re-purposed in other mediums, for instance a blog post can become your basis for a podcast episode!

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